William Osorio is a Cuban born, based Miami artist. Born in 1989, Osorio began his artistic journey at a young age while in grade school. An artist who initiated his studies at the School of Fine Arts in his city of Holguin, then he decided to chase his dreams by emigrating to the US. In the States, Osorio chose to become a self-taught artist, which led to the key factor of the spontaneity in his work. While in the US, the artist has participated in over 20 art exhibitions and group shows.

His work falls within a style of renewed Expressionism. Osorio’s oeuvre is categorized by a gestural looseness of unrestrained paint, taking inspiration from Contemporary greats such as Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Eric Fischl, Jenny Saville, and Adrian Ghenie.

William Osorio’s most recent Solo exibition titled Inside Out, touches on the search for identity. In part, a study of Sigmund Freud’s theory of the human psyche and the structure of the Id, Ego & Super Ego, while primarily aiming to examine the complexities of human behavior. As the artist has explained, “Human behavior and the social cultural issues that surround me, influence my work”.

Osorio’s imagery captures the viewer both with subject matter and application of paint. His canvases are characterized by a distinct use of large areas of impasto, adding layers of texture that transform his two dimensional planes into near-sculptural pieces.